You’ll quickly learn how completely obsessed I am with my dogs. They live healthier, own better winter gear, and have seen more of the US than most humans. When we knew there was a possibility of us moving to Chicago, Kaleigh quickly sealed the deal with mention of a beach. For dogs. I thought their daily runs on the riverwalk in San Antonio were good. Little did we know that a city with more buildings than blades of grass could be a haven for doggie socialites. Keep reading for a list of Libby and Maddie’s favorite spots in Chicago.


Montrose Dog Beach
I mean, did you have any doubts? This is a literal heaven on earth for dogs and humans. I actually think Kaleigh might have more love for this spot than her little furry nieces. Picture a beach bigger than most in the city filled with 100+ pups living their best lives. This spot, by far, provides the longest stretch in the city for dogs to run, and run and run. The water stays relatively shallow for those whose dogs actually like swimming (not mine.) It doesn’t even matter because watching doggies digging holes with their snouts covered
in sand is totally worth the trip.

Some quick tips: there is plenty of free parking surrounding the area – be careful for no parking zones, a doggie food truck (more info below) is often parked outside on the weekends, they just installed washing stations that for a small fee can desand your four-legged friends before getting back in the car!


Fido to go Dog/Cat Treat Truck
Guys, I’m not even kidding. Chicago is killing the dog social scene.

Photo Credit: Fido to go

This truck is everything you think it is. A passionate, animal-loving owner, is baking up top-quality, cutesy treats for your kitties and pups. She has everything from digestible chews to pizzas (our fav) and tennis balls. Check her social media for a weekly schedule. When I lived in the South Loop, she’d be there so often that my dogs started to recognize the truck. The owner is so sweet she even hosts a free egg hunt in Lakeshore East complete with paw print egg decorating and pictures with the Easter Bunny.


Belmont Harbor Dog Beach
We refer to this spot as the Baby Beach. It’s a super mini version of Montrose that my dogs often prefer, as it’s less busy and less intimidating. We like it because it’s more accessible on foot and there are no waves in the harbor (Lib and Mads are big babes.) If your dog is an escape artist, this is a better spot than Montrose, which doesn’t have the best gates.

Scooter’s Frozen Custard
Free dog cones. Need we say more?

Other Great Dog Parks: Fred Anderson Dog ParkLakeshore East Dog ParkWiggly Field



We’d be remiss not to stress the importance of rescuing when searching for a furry best friend. There are so many pets out there with out homes, why not save a life? Libby and Maddie are from The Humane Society in San Antonio, but we are big fans of Paws Chicago.